CHSF is A Louisiana Music Showcase

The Cajundome’s Cajun Heartland State Fair continues tonight through June 4th with Live Music on the Coca-Cola Grandstand. Gold Star Amusement will have the rides going, while the food court will serve great food. Don’t forget about Future Headliners Karaoke Club in the Table Room. Daily performances of Pig Races, Circus Hollywood, and Puppy Pals for the little ones to enjoy.


Hey, it’s Eric with Freedom 95.1 and Freedom 95.1 App. You know how much I love live music, especially homegrown music from right here in Louisiana.


I have seen many artists at the Cajun Heartland State Fair over the years. Sometimes the opening act has been my favorite, and it is so cool to see the opening acts come back as headliners at Cajun Heartland and other festivals throughout the year.


The 35th Cajun Heartland State Fair is no different, starting May 25th. Each night the Coca-Cola Grandstand will feature a multitude of artists that will be performing, and if your taste in music is more diversified than mine, boy, do they have something for you, from rock, pop, alternative, country, urban, 80’s cover bands.

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